The President of GUD Pihalni orkester Komen

The President Evgen Kavčič

Evgen Kavčič replaced the legendary Alojz Pangos as the president of the Village band Komen. Kavčič saw his role as a challenge and with his determination phrases, such as „Yes we can“ or „No problem“ always provided the means with which the growing number of the musicials in the orchestra fulfilled their wishes and achieved their goals in music. Even in times of strougle he encouraged the entire group as well as the individual young musician in the orchestra, passing on his enthusiasm, will and stubburness. If we say he put a lot of effort and care into musicians, we say little about him. He put his heart and soul in the Wind Band Komen and in every single member of the orchestra society.


Today the Wind Band Komen is one the best and most experienced among Slovene orchestras. However, their way to musical and personal maturity was marked not only by the perseverance of the musicians. Our friends and relatives, but mainly our relentless parents have worked hard and helped the orchestra achieve its goals and reap its rewards in music. Even if it was just to greet the audience, to arrange the concert hall, to clean the rehearsal room, to drive their children to a concert, to prepare a memorable banquets – these are just some of the backstage, but not least important tasks covered by our trully fenomenal supporters. Not to mention their encouragement in difficult times as well as a simple but honest applause after a smaller performance or an important competition concert. This is why we celebrate those who always put their best and help us in any possible way. This is why we call them our dream team.